A passion for art, nature, sustainable living and delicious food inspired the creation of
cultura viva, a farm and design guesthouse in Umbria, Italy. Reviving, promoting and sharing the values and traditions of rural culture, a healthy lifestyle and an appreciation for beauty guided every step of its conception. 
Enjoy cultura viva’s line of true and authentic products from nature: the premium EVOO Le Clarisse and cultura viva KombuchaExperience and get inspired as you stay for an event or a retreat in the cultura viva Design Guesthouse, the beautifully renovated portion of an ex-monastery complex where art and design make you feel at home.

cultura viva was born from our desire to breathe life
back into the stones and the land”

Laurence Deprez-Zenezini & Stefano Zenezini, Co-Founders

cultura viva FARM

On our six-acre farm, located on the hills of the village of Collazzone, we produce small batches of the highest quality and purity of organic extra virgin olive oil, premium EVOO Le Clarisse, and of cultura viva Kombucha — a naturally fermented beverage that contains the goodness of live cultures and polyphenol-rich plants. Our biodiverse orchard provides seasonal fruits and aromatic herbs that we use to flavor our kombucha and that we transform into flavorful jams and herbal teas.
We farm organically and regeneratively, using resources from the land to sustainably and continuously improve soil health. All activities on the farm, from composting, mulching, seeding, chopping and dropping soil enriching plants, collecting and conserving rain water, contribute to reduce carbon emissions and create a richer and healthier land, resulting in tastier and more nutritious crops. 


The cultura viva Design Guesthouse is inserted in its own little stone village, the “borgo”, once part of the Monastery San Lorenzo, with a consecrated church dating back to the 900’s.
The borgo has an agricultural vocation and includes working quarters: the Cellar for Le Clarisse EVOO, the Fermentation Room for cultura viva kombucha, the Permaculture Garden, “Il Forno” – a traditional wood oven and grill area and the founders’ house. The lush garden with pool is lined with fragrant rosemary, jasmine, roses and lavender that allow plenty of space and quiet to reflect and rejuvenate.

Hospitality Concept

The cultura viva Design Guesthouse can be booked as a venue for private events and retreats. A group of up to 8 people will experience the intimate atmosphere of a private home and the design style of a boutique hotel.
Details of the guesthouse can be found here.

Cultura Viva is welcoming and organizing thematically curated events and retreats around food, foraging, fermentation, yoga, meditation, wellness, personal development, art and local culture.  You are invited to check our Events calendar here.

Design Concept

Our co-founder Laurence, artist and designer, conducted the restoration. She decided to preserve and emphasize the various construction materials used over the centuries, as best seen in the lounge, a space for intimate discussion or social mixing. She was very intentional about re-using when possible, with a view to create a lived-in, eclectic but coherent design scheme. She worked almost exclusively with local materials and local artisans.

All 4 guest rooms feature amazing views over an unspoiled wooded valley
and an en-suite bathroom outfitted in local terracotta.
Each space has a different personality with a curated selection of art, antique and vintage furniture and a touch of Fornasetti, an Italian designer renowned in the ’50’s.

The permaculture garden provides a bounty of fruits, herbs and vegetables as well as secluded spaces for dining and relaxation with stunning views on surrounding hills and valleys.

The stone and mosaic pool allows for refreshing moments.

Experience Cultura Viva