Our local partners

Alvaro Salviati – Agricoltore

Alvaro discussing plans with Laurence for the very first preparation of the vegetable garden.

Andrea Orlandi – Electrician

Andrea installing new electric cables in the Oak Room

Enoidee Team - Consulente enologica

Fabrizio e Giulia i nostri fornitori di macchine agricole di fiducia!

Giancarlo Cassiani - Master Mason

Laurence and Giancarlo discuss the plans for the tower room.

Giuseppe Bonni: upholsterer

Giuseppe in his studio working on one of our salon chairs.

Grilligraf – Printing House

Laurence and Louise-Audrey at Grilligraf, our printing company for Le Clarisse leaflets and carton cases.

Il Nocciolino – Frantoio

Giampaolo, co-owner, supervising the milling of Le Clarisse EVOO.

Luca Matelli – Plumber

Giancarlo, Luca and Valentino while installing the rain water collection pipes.

Sisac – Scatolificio

La signora Marisa, owner, supervising the delivery of Le Clarisse shipping boxes.

Studio Impronte Bigi – Ceramics

Antonella in her studio in Vicenza making our home perfume diffusers.

T&RB Group

Laurence and the TR&B team discussing the storyboard for the website videos.

Umbra Labels

Laurence discusses the Le Clarisse label with Vania and Tommaso.

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